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Seven Teachings

Updated: 6-27-2011 11:17 AM

  Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe

Wisdom (Nbwaakaawin)

To live in WISDOM is knowing the gifts the Great Spirit gave to everyone.

To use these gifts to build a family and community filled with caring, sharing, kindness, respect, and love for one another.

When we know and use our gifts we become an instrument of the Great Spirit, helping to bring peace to the world.


Truth (Debwewin)

Always to seek the TRUTH.

The truth lies in spirit. Prayer was to be done every day at sunrise to give thanksgiving to the Great Spirit for the gift of life.

All gifts & each ceremony were given by the Great Spirit to the Anishinaabeg to help them find truth, the true meaning of their life, & existence. Living truth is living the seven great laws.


 Humility (Ddaadendizwin)

 Always to act in HUMILITY.One was to always think about their family, their fellow man, and their community before they thought of themselves.

 To know humility is to know that there is a Great Spirit and he is the creator of all life, and therefore he directs all life.


 Love (Zaagidwin)

 The Anishinaabeg were to always act in LOVE. 

 To love the Great Spirit the same way he loved his people, because it was the love of the Great Spirit that gave life. 

 Children are to be loved, for children are a gift from the Great Spirit.


 Respect (Mnaadendiwin)

 To RESPECT all life in Mother Earth.

To show real respect was to give of themselves for all the benefit of all life.

 To respect the Elders and the Leaders who upheld the sacred laws of the Great Spirit.


Courage (Aakdehewin)

 To have COURAGE to always do that which was morally right.

 To be proud of being Anishinaabe and never to deny the way of life the Great Spirit gave to them.


 Honesty (Gwekwaadziwin)

To be HONEST to themselves.

To live in the spirit of howthey were created.  Never to lie or gossip about one another.